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TV / Film Biography

Zen has appeared in…


TVN Chile  – El Cuento Del Tio, El Gringo

As El Gringo


TVN Chile  – Mea Culpa,  El Tourista

As The Tourist


Canal13 Chile  – Heroes “El Principe de los Caminos”, President James Madison of The USA

Playing President James Madison


Mega Chile – Golpe Bajo, The Executive Producer of Three’s A Crowd

As the producer/owner of the rights to Threes A Crowd.


CHV Chile  – Infieles, The Husband/El Marido

As The Husband


TV España & MEGA Chile  – El Niño Rojo, Mr. Eels (College Proprietor)

Playing Mr Eels, Proprietor of the college


TVN Chile – Bim Bam Bum, Larry Clarke (FBI Undercover Intelligence Officer)

As Larry Clarke, Undercover FBI Officer


Canal 13 Chile – Principes de Barrio, Mr Thompson (Football Club Manager Tottenham)

As Mr. Thompson, Manager of Tottenham Football Club


Canal 13 Chile – Chipe Libre, The hotel guest

As The Hotel Guest


Mega (Chile), HBO, Amazon – Isabel Allende – Willie Gordon (2nd husband of Isabel)

As Willie Gordon the 2nd Husband of Isabel

UC13 cable – Kevins Way, Chris (Journalist)

TV3 New Zealand – Cori Macuer Show,  Anchor/Comedian


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Blog Posts

Chile Sauce on Lingo Radio Friday 19 February 2021

The latest news from Chile on Lingo Radio: Hackers, protestors and arsonists, Summer rain, Southern heatwaves, tourism troubles in the pandemic and much more. Plus some great music spanning the decades from the mid 20th century to the current charts, including; The Hot House Flowers, Ava Max, Lana del Rey and more. Chile Sauce, it’s […]

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A man Called Yuri who became Tomas

In 1970 a KGB operative in India went missing and defected to the West. He wrote four books and held some lectures, trying to tell the democratic free West the dangers of Novosti Press, a KGB propaganda office responsible for subverting many societies around the globe. Here are those four books, to read and download: […]

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Recommended Reading

What many do not see, is the ”chain” of events which are described in these books: The “four horsemen”  of subversion, like the small hand of a clock… We know it moves, but you cannot see it moving! Click on the clock to access the archive of the books listed below.   A love Letter […]

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Chile Sauce on Lingo Radio Friday 8 January 2021

New Years clandestine parties discovered on Cerro Alegre (Happy Hill) and Zapallar. MP’s children attend and contact Covid. Summer permissions for vacation and information on Torres dl Paine, hiking the “W” & “O”, plus much more. Chile Sauce, it’s all about Chile. Share Zen

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New Years Day’s Chile Sauce on Lingo Radio 2021

Chilean new years superstitions. Holiday’s for 2021 and Summer permission to go. We celebrate, no more coal power as power plant is closed. The British bankers magazine awards minister and coppers up. Home grown fireworks mania affects Chile. Ministry asks schools to make back to school plans and more. With great music from across the […]

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Chile Sauce Christmas on 25th December 2020

  Merry Christmas Chilean style from Zen and Chile Sauce. News on the past week in Chile and how to make a Monkey’s Tail and other traditional capers. Warning podcast contains Christmas music. Chile Sauce, it’s all about Chile!     Share Zen

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Chile Sauce on Lingo Radio Friday 18 December 2020

Zen’s week of news on Chile Sauce: False autopsy, doctor removed the heart. Eleven changes in three years. Pardon arson, thievery, looting and violent crime? Center for law studies questions fiscal operations. Four Bambi fawns born to park. Navy quarantine, convention capers, space risk, and robbery of the century update, plus more and great tunes […]

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Chile Sauce with Zen Delaney Friday 11 December 2020

Lack of luck in 2020 and making sauce, this and the latest news on Chile. Including: Cattle rustling policeman remanded in custody for the safety of bovine kind. Phase two again, a step backwards in the pandemic. Defending children with propaganda that incites criminal activity. Good bye to the historic Hosteria de Lanalhue, burnt to the […]

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Chile Sauce on Lingo Radio 20th November 2020

  The latest on Chile… Police chiefs resign, vaccines for 18 to 60 year old’s only, downtown disorder on a Friday night, online learning one year on, fire prevention and everything you need to know about Combarbala and Combarbalita. Plus Astro Tourism a fantastic music line up from Ariana Grande to The Searchers and Queen […]

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Chile Sauce on Lingo Radio Friday 13th November 2020

Chile Sauce, it’s all about Chile!   Zen Delaney presents Chile Sauce on Friday the 13th November 2020 Enjoy the music, make a request or just get in touch with Zen Share Zen

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