October 21, 2020

Zenan Delaney

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In the Bag! Filming a TV Mini-Series

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Playing Willie Gordon in the television mini-series, Isabel Allende, the story of the writer’s life has been an excellent expereince. Once again a new family is formed, cast n’ crew working together to achieve one goal. That goal was accomplished last night around midnight when we finished filming the last scene of the production.

Now it is down to the Editor in the obscurity of the editing room to meld those shots into what will be revealed on  the television channel Mega later this year.  The unseen heroes who work tirelessly behind the scenes to achieve great are rarely thought of as we sit and watch a movie or Tv program/series but they are essential. A good crew becomes a tightly functioning family and great art is the result.



Thank you to all those that worked on Isabel Allende the mini-series, it was a plesaure working with you.

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