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A man Called Yuri who became Tomas

In 1970 a KGB operative in India went missing and defected to the West. He wrote four books and held some lectures, trying to tell the democratic free West the dangers of Novosti Press, a KGB propaganda office responsible for subverting many societies around the globe.

Here are those four books, to read and download:

“Yuri’s four Books”

Since the fall of the USSR, these practices have been continued by socialist forces around the world. For several decades implemented and enhanced by the CCP in China. In 1999 two Chinese CCP operatives wrote the manual “Unrestricted Warfare”, their plan to subjugate the West and free democracies around the world. This manual can be read and downloaded here:

Unrestricted Warfare

In the information age, intel is key, don’t be fooled and learn how to defend democracy and freedom, before it’s too late.

I wish you haapiness, peace and freedom.