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Zenan Delaney

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Tv/Film Biography

Zen has appeared in…


TVN Chile  – El Cuento Del Tio, El Gringo


TVN Chile  – Mea Culpa,  El Tourista

As The Tourist


Canal13 Chile  – Heroes “El Principe de los Caminos”, President James Madison of The USA

Playing President James Madison


Mega Chile – Golpe Bajo, The Executive Producer of Three’s A Crowd

As the producer/owner of the rights to Threes A Crowd.


CHV Chile  – Infieles, The Husband/El Marido

As The Husband


TV España & MEGA Chile  – El Niño Rojo, Mr. Eels (College Proprietor)

Playing Mr Eels, Proprietor of the college


TVN Chile – Bim Bam Bum, Larry Clarke (FBI Undercover Intelligence Officer)

As Larry Clarke, Undercover FBI Officer


Canal 13 Chile – Principes de Barrio, Mr Thompson (Football Club Manager Tottenham)

As Mr. Thompson, Manager of Tottenham Football Club


Canal 13 Chile – Chipe Libre, The hotel guest

As The Hotel Guest


Mega Chile – Isabel Allende – Willie Gordon (2nd husband of Isabel)

UC13 cable – Kevins Way, Chris (Journalist)

TV3 New Zealand – Cori Macuer Show,  Anchor/Comedian


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