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Trains in Chile

One Upon a Time Chile had trains, reintroduction is slow but… At 8:56 am on Saturday, January 18, 2020, the classic Santiago ConcepciĆ³n train returned after 13 years, with a total of 392 passengers who boarded the first of the eight night-time tourist trips that the railroad will make during the summer. Many people were […]

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Arica to La Paz

  The Train from Arica (the most northly city in Chile) to La Paz (the capital city of Bolivia). A train trip of a lifetime into the Andes.  

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Zen Returns with Chile Sauce

Zen returns with Chile Sauce to the world Today Chile Sauce, the only program about Chile in English luanched on most major Podcasting Platforms. Click the photo for a link to the 1st episode of Lingo Radio to visit the web site. You can find Chile sauce on Spotify – Google Podcasts – Podchaser – […]

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Zen Delaney . com

The web site of my world… From living to travelling and working, the tale is told here. All things Zen Delaney, I hope you enjoy the ride and live well. Play it loud! Zen

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