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Tag: delaney

In the Bag! Filming a TV Mini-Series

Playing Willie Gordon in the television mini-series, Isabel Allende, the story of the writer’s life has been an excellent expereince. Once again a new family is formed, cast n’ crew working together to achieve one goal. That goal was accomplished last night around midnight when we finished filming the last scene of the production. Now […]

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Isabel Allende

Zen plays Willie to Isabel Allende   Summer 2020 in Chile see’s Zen working on the Tv mini series Isabel Allende for Mega. Playing the part of Isabel’s 2nd husband, lawyer and writer Willie Gordon. Isabel is one of the most read Spanish authors selling over 74 million books in various genres. An author of […]

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Chile Sauce Show Two

The second podcast if Chile Sauce arrived this Friday morning the 31st of January. The latest news and iformation on Chile and some great music, including; Lali, Doja Cat and Duran Duran plus other greats.  Historic monuments the Azudas in Chile and Kodkods the smallest cat in the Americas.  

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Zen Returns with Chile Sauce

Zen returns with Chile Sauce to the world Today Chile Sauce, the only program about Chile in English luanched on most major Podcasting Platforms. Click the photo for a link to the 1st episode of Lingo Radio to visit the web site. You can find Chile sauce on Spotify – Google Podcasts – Podchaser – […]

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